About Us

Zain Gems is an importer of natural Sri Lankan (Ceylon) colored sapphires and semi-precious gemstones such as Blue, Pink, Yellow Sapphires, Padparadscha, Alexandrite, and many others.  Zain Gems was founded in 1999 by Zain Suhail, an immigrant from Sri Lanka with a vision of bringing a family owned trade and experience to America by introducing beautiful and vibrant colored gemstones straight from the source.  

Located in Millbrae, CA (San Francisco Bay Area) Zain Gems and its staff are dedicated in helping our customers to find the perfect gemstone for any occasion with honesty and integrity.  We get our gemstones from where they originate with no middle man so that our customers receive the best price guaranteed.  Many of our colored gemstones come certified by Sri Lanka’s GIC (Gemmological Institute of Colombo) and Zam Gems laboratory.  We’re excited to put a smile on millions of people, so if you’re looking for that perfect gemstone please check out our website and give us a call!

Mission Statement

Zain Gems is committed to bringing the best colored gemstone buying experience to jewelers, dealers, and individuals around the world by providing quality products at affordable prices.

Zain Suhail

Zain Suhail is the president and founder of Zain Gems. Mr. Suhail immigrated to the United States from Sri Lanka in 1996 with dreams and aspirations for a better life and opportunity for his family.  In 1999 Zain Gems was formed based on Mr. Suhail’s family background in Sri Lanka in selling colored gemstones coupled with his 45 year experience in identifying rough stones in its natural form to cut and polish to its final lustful and beautiful form.

Mr. Suhail travels to Sri Lanka 4-5 times a year to purchase colored gemstones directly from local trustworthy mine owners and dealers.  His experience allows him to carefully purchase the best quality gemstones to ensure his customers receive products that are high in quality at very affordable and reasonable prices.

Why Buy Colored Gemstones?

Here at Zain Gems we consider owning loose colored gemstones a flexible investment.  It is like a time deposit (CD) in a bank which appreciates over time but with the ability to re-invest or liquidate at any time.  Below are a few more good reasons why buying loose colored gemstones is a great idea and investment.

  • Better Value - Loose gemstone are always cheaper and in most cases far cheaper than buying a piece of jewelry with a preset gemstone.
  • No Hidden Agenda - When a gemstone is set in a piece of jewelry inclusions can be hidden and its color can look deeper and brighter. Sometimes the color can even change due to the material that is used in the setting of the stone!
  • Freedom & Flexibility - You have the option of creating the piece of jewelry you desire.  If there's a unique design you have a vision for then go ahead and get what you want!  Loose gemstone allows that flexibility and freedom to change a gemstone in an old ring or a pendant to a different shape and/or color.
  • Make That Money! - Loose colored gemstones are not only profitable purchases when an individual intends to create a piece of jewelry, but they are profitable purchases for resell. Gemstones can be resold as loose stones for profit or set in jewelry and resold for a higher price.