Gemstones Cuts & Shapes

Gemstone cutting is commonly divided into faceted gems (gems with geometrically shaped flat polished faces) and non-faceted gems (those gems that do not have geometrically shaped flat polished faces such as Cabochons).

The cut of a gemstones shape largely depends on the shape of the gemstone in its rough state (the shape of the raw gem as it comes from the earth). For perfect and beautiful rough colored gemstones, the oval cut is generally the number one preference, as it maximizes the beauty and fire of the gemstone. Some of the main factors to consider when choosing to facet a gemstone in another shape include color, inclusions, and design aesthetics.

Below is a list of common shapes currently used in the gemstone industry

Round - Specially designed for diamonds but now the most common cut for all gemstones

Oval - Has an elliptical shape and symmetrical. A well cut oval is as brilliant as a round cut gemstone

Square - Has a square shape and some beleive the cut is a symbol for equality, justice, truth, and satisfaction

Cushion - Also known as the Old Mine Cut, it is square or rectangular shape with round corners.  It is a primary cut first used on Ruby and Sapphire faceted in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Trilliant - Triangular shaped and creates a spectacular wedge of brilliant fire